When you’re urgently in need of a  “home away from home!

While being on a relaxing holiday, or even a business trip, one generally does not think about the unforeseen inconvenient circumstances that may occur. We bury our heads in the sand not wanting to engage in the unthinkable. That’s life isn’t it!

As we all know, life has a way of throwing curved balls at us when we least expect it.  We often carry the complacent attitude of “it won’t happen to me” and then it strikes. No time is ever good for unfortunate occurrences, let alone, inconveniences!

However, imagine being in Cape Town on a business trip, as thousands of people do. You’ve just left the airport in a hired car, unfamiliar with the roads and unexpectedly, within a matter of seconds, you find yourself in the wrong lane, needing to change lanes…. and that chilling, heart stopping sound that we all detest, spikes your adrenalin and you are in an accident!

Happening in your own home vicinity is by far unpleasant enough, but being away from home, feels so much worse. You were meant to be flying back in the evening, but you find yourself on a stretcher in an Emergency Unit of one of the many hospitals that are in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, all relatively close to the airport. You’re on your own while your wife is back home, expecting you to be back on the 9.30 pm flight.

The doctor examines you and thankfully you have not incurred too many injuries, but your blood pressure is elevated from shock. You’re advised not to fly for the next few days. Being a one- day conference that you were attending, you did not have the need to book accommodation, so now you have the inconvenience of finding accommodation! It’s just all too much for you. You are feeling stressed; the hired car needs to be seen to and your air ticket needs to be changed. Your wife wants to come down and be with you and help you sort things out!

But, you need ACCOMMODATION! Just as well you have found yourself on this page! You are spoilt for choices with the number of guesthouses in the area. Peruse the many choices, click on the link and book yourself in for a double room. Ask for a shuttle and you will even be supplied with the supreme service of being fetched from the hospital and checking in to a “home away from home”.

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