Stay central and make the Northern Suburbs your destination.

Recharge your battery with a holiday in Cape Town. Stay central and make the Northern Suburbs your destination.

Many of our followers on Accommodation North’s Social Media, and those who visit our website, are Guesthouse Operators which fall under the umbrella of the service industry.

Thus, these are people who are delivering a service to those who have specifically chosen their accommodation  in the hope of a relaxing holiday, and to see the beauty that our magical Mother City has to offer, or those who have stopped by for work purposes. Irrespective of what the reason and need may be, the common buzzword in the times in which we live is “stress”.

Stress originates from various sources and permeates throughout various aspects of our lives. In our current economy, where the employment rate is extremely high, people are battling financially, which can have numerous ramifications. Families are affected by tension and even tend to fall apart. People often turn to substance abuse and problems snowball.

The term ‘stress’ refers to the response you have when facing circumstances that force you to act, change, or adjust in some way to maintain your footing or to keep things balanced. Ongoing lasting stress has a negative affect on our health in various ways.

There are many ways in which people alleviate stress. Some are healthy and others not. Many people find that exercise, meditation, sitting at the seaside or listen to music can help them to rebalance and to resume their daily routine. Some may turn to excessive drinking, gambling and substance abuse which merely escalates to far bigger problems.

Most people enjoy traveling. After a long year filled with various stress factors, there is nothing better than to break away from one’s daily environment and routine to recharge the batteries and take a break.

On our Social Media pages, as well as here on our website, we host a variety of affordable guesthouse accommodation that does not break the bank.

We invite our readers to go through them thoroughly. What they offer is showcased right here to assist you in choosing the ideal place for you.

Being located in the Northern Suburbs is ideal in terms of its centrality. It is nestled between the renowned tourist highlights of The V & A Waterfront, the Atlantic Seaboard’s magnificent beaches, Table Mountain and its cable car rides, Rhodes Memorial, Kirstenbosch and then down to the Indian Ocean, hugging the coast that leads one to the famous colourful huts on Muizenberg and St James Beaches. Kalk Bay provides a wonderful village feel of a suburb steeped in history, hosting many quaint shops and restaurants. Visiting Boulder’s Beach to be enthralled by the colonies of penguins dressed in their natural tuxedos, Cape Point where the Indian and Atlantic Ocean meet and then along the world-famous Chapman’s Peak Drive, meandering through the elite suburbs of Hout Bay, Llandudno, Camps Bay, Clifton and Bantry Bay, is a scenic feast.

Slightly North of the Northern Suburbs are the historically rich towns of Paarl, Stellenbosch, Wellington and Franchhoek, where some of the best wine farms in the world are situated.

On one’s door step in the heart of the Northern Suburbs is the Durbanville Wine Route which boasts many magnificent farms, all of which offer tastings and pairings as well as some bespoke restaurants. Many provide the experience of picnic baskets.

If one is a lover of shopping malls, one is very close to some of the finest and largest shopping centres in the North, namely Cape Gate, Canal Walk and Tygervalley. All of which house movie theatres, restaurants and well-known brand stores, as well as the supermarkets that are useful if one has chosen self-catering accommodation.

Should one require a hospital in the unfortunate event of illness, the Northern Suburbs has some excellent private and public hospitals from which to choose.

Convenience is always a key factor when choosing a location. Cape Town International Airport is a mere 15 – 20-minute drive to all the accommodation offered in the Northern Suburbs. Many of the guesthouses offer a shuttle service.

Another bonus is that these suburbs generally offer more affordable accommodation than those along the coast. Being away from the buzz allows one a balance of true relaxation without missing out on anything offered along the Atlantic seaboard.

As Cape Town is a choice destination, it is advisable to start booking one’s accommodation as early as possible before they become fully booked.

Bev Moss-Reilly

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