What is responsible tourism? March 2018

Responsible or accountable tourism is your ethos and approach to travel and features respect of native natural resources, cultural heritage, and human worth. Travellers are requested to be conscientious of their environmental, social and economic impact.

1. Be tuned in to your actions

Don‘t do anythingt you wouldn’t wish done to you.

If you’re in another country you ought to behave exactly as if you were in your own country – you should behave with integrity at all times.

2. Assimilate yourself into culture and society

Try to perceive foreign cultures and immerse yourself in the society of the country you’re visiting: you’ll integrate items from different cultures to your own.

One day you ought to teach what you’ve learned to others and show them how to be an accountable tourist.

3. Respect the environment of the local people


Being an accountable holidaymaker suggests that you should be aware of the environment:
Cape Town is caught up in the worst drought in history – please help by not wasting any of this precious resource.

Don‘t ruin the place. (e.g.: littering, destroying monuments)

4. Consider your means of transport

Means of Transport

Try to select the available responsible ones, such as the City Sightseeing Bus. Or, for instance, choose the train to the plane.

Both of them are quick, however, the train is healthier for the surroundings and it’s often easier. In addition thereto once you’re travelled by train you’ll see the places in between.

5. Transport is not always necessary

If the weather is nice you’ll go wherever you wish by bike or on foot.

When the journey is simply too long you’ll use public transport rather than taxis or cars.

6. Be a knowledgeable traveller

Knowledgeable Traveller

Try to get the maximum amount of info as possible concerning the place you’re planning to visit.

This way, you can take an informed ecological alternative for your visit.

In addition to it, you’ll get au fait with the principles and different cultures you’ve got to grasp to be an accountable traveller.

7. Accept completely different traditions

Not all people have similar points of view as you. Respect alternative thoughts & ideas to allow peaceful cohabitation.

Lack of respect will increase prejudices on the individuals from your country.

8. Bear in mind the difference in cultures

Respect different Cultures and Religions

If you’re an accountable traveller you’ll obey the rules of the country, and then you won’t have any issues with the law.

There are numerous prejudices concerning foreign people: you’re only a small part of it and you represent it abroad.

9. Don‘t exploit the population of poor countries

Some poorer individuals depend on the income from their manual crafts and cannot survive without it, so don’t take advantage of them for the sake of a good bargain you want.

10. Support the region‘s craftsmen and native economies by buying hand-made souvenirs

Supporting Craftsmen

Objects created by manual jobs are generally dearer than those you commonly pick up at the local store.

They’re also typically of a better quality. By shopping for them you’ll support the local inhabitants.

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