How to prevent theft in the hospitality industry

The following are some steps that hotels, resorts, guesthouses and bed and breakfasts can take to help prevent theft.

Hospitality properties are filled with many opportunities for thieves to steal from guests and the establishment alike. Most guest rooms are often filled with many items of value and technology such as TV’s, towels, robes, and computers.

The following are some steps that hospitality properties can take to help prevent theft.

The Basics

• Strategically placing cameras in the hall’s and public areas
• Installing up-to-date locking systems that requires either a key, magnetic card or electronic card for entry.

•Placing an additional deadbolt or latch-type lock on every guest-room door that cannot be opened from the outside and provides the guest with more security when inside the room.

While these basic security features may not eliminate all unwanted entry, it can act as a deterrent for thieves.

Employee Screening

• Your employees are your most valuable asset, you need to take your hiring process seriously.

• By doing background checks, including criminal ones, you might be able to eliminate the potential for future issues.

•Implementing regular and unscheduled drawer counts, as well as inventory checks to help you keep track of your properties items and cash.

• Providing in-room safes to help prevent theft.

• Installing a main safe in the office, where you and your staff keep your own cash and valuables, and if requested, where guests can leave their valuable personal items.

• Have your front-desk staff record every item they accept for safe storage, who it’s from and who accepted it.

• Limit the number of staff members who have access to the safe and its contents and when not in use, lock the safe.

 Technological Advances

• Stolen towels and other guest-room amenities can amount to a significant expense for many hospitality establishments.

If this is a problem for your establishment, there is technology that involves the placement of tiny electronic devices inside the towels and other hotel items subject to theft. These miniature transmitters send out a signal when removed from their original location. If this is a problem, towel monitoring will result in a reduced loss of revenue.

Internal Policy

• Make sure you make a deposit at the end of each business day so there is not a significant amount of money on hand to attract thieves.

In conclusion

These are a few suggested ideas to get you thinking. From cameras, door locks, safes, and advanced technology, as well as hiring the best staff you can find to ensure all your policies are followed, you will manage to lower your risks and the level of loss.

This will of course be in the guest’s favour and your own.


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