Mommy Wellness Day Spa

c/o Paul Kruger & Hibiscus Street Durbanville

Mommy Wellness Day Spa specialises in the Wellness of all Mothers. They offer services for moms-to-be, first time mothers, mothers handling 5 kids at a time and mothers that are grandmothers. Mommy Wellness spa is not your conventional spa, as for them the word “spa” has a far more profound and special meaning.

At Mommy Day Spa the highest priority is to ensure that Mothers are cared for and that they fell special and beautiful again. They believe if Mommy is not happy, her family is not happy.

The experience of motherhood and pregnancy is for most women, a time of great joy and happy expectations, with a mother-to-be special glow of inner peace and calm. However pregnancy also comes with its own particular drawbacks and therefore to complete the unique beauty of pregnancy Mommy Wellness provides the perfect haven to restore and invigorate. They are specially equipped to full body treatments and massages, designed to reduce discomfort, protect and beautifying the skin against stretchmarks, as well as letting moms-to-be feel pampered and relaxed.

All the therapist at Mommy Wellness are fully qualified, to ensure that the treatment is not only a wonderfully pleasant experience, but also safe for both mother and child.

However, Mommy Day Spa also caters for individuals of all gender and age. Their treatments available to everyone include: RVB facials treatments, Nimue support facials, Nimue rejuvenation and advanced rejuvenation treatments, manicures, pedicures, gelish, waxing, tinting and hot stone therapy. All these treatments are designed to restore, rejuvenate and rebalance your body.

Mommy Wellness also has a fully supervised play-den. So while mommy and daddy are being pampered, one of their care takers will keep your kids busy with neurological and sensory integration activities.

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