For The Love Of The Dutch

Travel allows the Dutch to escape from the routine and discover ‘different’ things; it helps them gain a new perspective on life and allows them to try new activities

The ‘Next Stop South Africa’ (NSSA) segment

The NSSA segment represents our traditional market. They are wealthier, experienced international travellers, usually between the ages of 40 and 60 whose children (if any) have left home. They typically look for natural beauty and authentic cultural experiences. They prefer independent or small group travel and look for luxury and comfort as part of their experience. Safety is a key consideration when choosing a new destination. Safari is a big draw-card when travelling to Africa.

The ‘Wanderluster’ Segment

Wanderlust Segment

The “Wanderluster” segment is made up of younger singles or couples between the ages of 25 and 40 and generally do not have children. They are young urban professionals earning higher incomes, and they already have considerable travel experience. Their desired experience centres on nature, culture and adventure with a strong liking for “urban vibe”. While also concerned with issues of safety and comfort, these consumers are driven more by the emotional appeal of a destination compared to the more practical NSSAs. They are generally more positive about South Africa in every market than any other segment but they also want to travel the world.

What is a typical day when on a leisure trip to South Africa?


  • They would get up about 9 – they are “lazy” when on holiday
  • If they have to go on safari then they are happy to get up at 5
  • Mostly they would prefer a shower over a bath
  • Make sure you have long beds – they are generally tall and their feet stick out of the bed
    Statistically, the tallest people in the world, as measured by country are the Dutch. The average height for all adults for the Netherlands is 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m)

Morning Leisure's

  • For breakfast, fruit and cereal, sandwiches, eggs, they love their bread
  • They are happy with the typical South African breakfast – they feel they are on holiday because of the choice that’s available
  • They are very big coffee drinkers – from cappuccinos to espressos – the whole lot
  • And they like their Teas – Ceylon, rooibos and green tea – they like to try the local stuff

Afternoon Leisure's

  • Some people like to chill and have a hot lunch and others prefer to get a sandwich
  • Like toasted sandwiches (very similar to our toasted cheese)
  • They are happy to grab a sandwich
  • They like to have their big meal in the evening
  • During their SA holiday, they would drink during lunch
  • Wine – they would typically order the house wine – they like Rosé – they love it in the summer
  • For lunch, they prefer white wines and rosé over red wine or
  • Beers – they love to try the local beers – lagers – drunk from a glass
  • No hard liquor during lunch

Evening Leisure's

  • Dinner is the big meal of the day, they will normally have an entree, main meal and dessert. If they had more than a sandwich at lunch, they might skip one of the courses
  • With dinner, they will have wine or beers and water
  • They are more likely to drink red wine (dependent on what they are eating)
  • They feel it’s a good idea if the wine is recommended with the meal
  • They are happy to try game (as they are in SA)
  • They like the fact they can eat ostrich (It is a bit of a bragging factor when they return home)
  • Other bragging factors are:
  • Been to SA in general
  • Stayed in a lodge
  • Had a safari experience
  • Socialising with the local people
  • They are likely to put their pictures up on facebook
    • Younger people are more likely to use Hyves (A Dutch version of Facebook)
    • Hyves not for the NSSA
    • WL will also share on Facebook. Facebook is growing fast in NL.
    • NSSA’s use Facebook

Evening activities

  • They like to have a long dinner and go to a show or have dinner and a show at the same time
  • They like to go to local café’s so they can meet the locals and talk with them over a drink.
  • For the WL target group, they like to go to local clubs so they can dance and have fun in SA style.
  • Make sure information on local places to go out is available to them



  • They like to talk to the staff, they want to interact with the locals, they will make the first move, and they will ask questions, they are not shy
  • There are some instances when they have a “tick the box” mentality and other instances where they would like to enjoy the experience at a leisurely pace
  • If they are seeing the Big Five then they want to tick off what they saw
  • If they are at The Castle – then they want to take their time
  • They still want to get the feeling that they are on a holiday
  • They don’t want to have too much of a hectic tour
  • They still want free time to relax
  • They do understand English
  • As a tour guide, they prefer a Dutch where possible than English or Afrikaans
  • When communicating with them in country Dutch is preferred
  • They love it when they are on a game drive and they stop off and have a surprise drink somewhere (Because they didn’t expect it)
  • It’s called a “borrel” (5-6 in the evening before dinner)
  • Even if they are on a bus tour – if they get chips or drinks – it’s much appreciated
  • When it’s really hot – they like their salt – like chips
  • They love their coffees and cappuccinos
  • They are easy going

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