White Shark Diving Company

Gansbaai, Western Cape 7220, South Africa

+27 82 559 6858

Shark Cage diving is carried out throughout the year, weather dependent. The best time of the year for white shark diving in Gansbaai is from April to September. Four to five sharks are usually encountered in a day with as many as 18 sharks having been encountered on some outings. We have a 98% success rate in terms of daily sightings during the high season. Great white sharks prefer a diet of game fish and from May to October the latter are in abundance. Great whites are also known to feed on seals and carrion. October to December, being the pupping season for some 30,000 seals on Geyser Island, results in an ample food supply of drowned pups in the surrounding coastal waters. Although Great whites may be sighted during the low season, the abundance of food in the area makes luring to the boat more difficult. The White Shark Diving Company operates in a responsible and eco-friendly manner, our staff and crew are well-trained individuals, and our facilities are upgraded on a continuous basis to ensure continued growth through customer satisfaction.

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